"Popular Demand" says bring Continuum Radio back.  If you can call a few drunk guys and their manicured poodles, "Popular Demand."      

But either way - We need your help to do that.

We are but poor, lost circus performers. trying to make a living selling our talents along roadsides in Colorado.  We just happen to know a few things about music too.

Streaming radio isn't just as easy as pressing play on iTunes (don't use iTunes, it will rot your brain).  There are software programs to play the music, encode the music, schedule the music, music the music.  Those programs are not free.

To bring Continuum back, better than ever, We need a few things.

As of 6 PM on 6/20/14, We haven't figured out what those things are.  We are still trying to figure it all out. It is going to cost roughly $35 - 40 a month for both stations. That's like 6 - 7 pounds of bacon!!

Your site looks like a regular ol website on Mobile. What gives?

What gives is you don't need a scaled down version of our website or any website unless you are still using some really old phone. If you're still using some really old phone, you're not going to be able to listen to us on it anyway, so why does it matter.

We do not believe in "Responsive" websites that scale to the user's screen size or believe in creating custom designs just for mobile. We can read this site just fine on our mobile devices and if you can't, you may want to trade in your Nokia flip or iPhone for something that doesn't suck.